Check your Council Tax

Check your Council Tax

3rd March 2020

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have launched their biggest campaign of the year so far, encouraging people to check if they are eligible to save on council tax.

Figures released from the charity reveal council tax debt is a soaring problem in Scotland, with clients within the Citizens Advice network owing almost £7million, with the average debt nearly three times the average bill, at £3,102.46.

The ‘Check To Save’ campaign will run for the next two weeks, with Citizens Advice bureaux across the length and breadth of Scotland campaigning to raise awareness of the issue, and entitlements to savings on Council Tax.

Potential savings on council tax come in three specific forms

Exemptions, where a household is completely exempt from paying, such as those living with a severe mental impairment.

A fixed discount such as the 25 per cent single person discount

A reduction calculated on someone’s circumstances, such as their access to  social security payments

Use this online tool which allows people to check if the they are eligible for savings at