Mail Scams

Here is some information to help you deal with a Mail Scam.

  • Protect your friends & relatives from courier scams. Criminal callers pose as banks & send couriers to pick up your bank card #scamaware

  • Watch out for fake lottery letters. If you didn’t enter, you haven’t won! #scamaware

  • Warn friends and relatives – you shouldn’t have to pay anything to win a prize #scamaware

  • Report all scam mail to @RoyalMail – email #scamaware

  • Mail scams cause misery. Never send money to someone you don’t know personally #scamaware.

  • The Mailing Preference Service is free and may help reduce unsolicited mail 0845 703 4599 #scamaware

  • Received a hand written letter with a sad story asking for money? It’s likely to be a scam.Only send money to trusted charities #scamaware